Introducing myself

I’m an Associate Lecturer who teaches on the M.A Chelsea and B.A Drawing Fine Art Camberwell. I have an art practice that is interdisciplinary which kind of mirrors my approach to teaching. I often use the phrase blurring the boundaries of creative disciplines when describing my practice and if I’m honest I’d like the PgCert to do something similar, merging teaching, artmaking, and completing the course curricular seamlessly. I want it to be so seamless that I don’t notice I’m doing it – I want to effortlessly complete all assignments on time and in no way will I be hovering over the submit button at 23.59.58 on deadline day. I want to learn and find out about new approaches to teaching.  Because  I’m a part time  Lecturer, occasionally I have an underlying nagging doubt that I need to know more, or I don’t know enough about teaching, so maybe a teaching certificate with access to teaching pedagogy theory and the ways it can be done will banish this doubt forever…or maybe it won’t.

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